Bicycle Handlebar Vuvuzela at Flying Pigeon LA

You know it’s been a good game when DJ Chicken Leather starts pulling rusted handlebars off the wall at the Bike Oven and starts running around blowing them like trumpets every time a soccer team scores a goal. I just got finished watching Team U.S.A. get beat by Mexico 4 to 2 (so sad, boo hoo) but didn’t feel the pain because of Chicken Leather’s antics. I figured the world needs to know how to toot their own bicycle horn – literally. So, pop the end caps off your bars and pretend you’re playing a trumpet the next time you’re at a big bike ride or down by the beach looking to show off your spirituality by doing a reveille on your bullhorn bars. With some modifications, your handlebars could make you the first bicycle-based Chuck Mangione.

The bars tested in this academic exercise are: Soma Major Taylors in steel; Velo Orange Milano, alloy; Sunlite Cruiser bars, steel in black; and Sunlite Ape-Hangers, steel.

Anyone want to show us how it’s done with some carbon fiber bars? Extra credit to the first video response to come back with a trumpet mouthpiece as a handlebar plug (Heads up InterBike! New trend for 2012!).

Pro tip: it helps to be a little bit tipsy from eating copious amounts of fruit, sipping a fine ale, and watching sports with DJ Chicken Leather from the Bike Oven.

[Update for those looking to take their handlebar vuvuzela game to untold heights: Mark Growden mixed Nordic seljefloyte overtone flute technique with Turkish Ney technique and made this crappy pair of alloy drop bars from the 1980's sing. In 2008!]

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  1. Buddhahead Steve
    Posted August 8, 2011 at 12:46 am | Permalink

    Dude…. I can’t even say anything but… dude…. thanx for helping make my day…

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