ThinkBikeLA rolling out royal Dutch treatment in LA


A packed house of advocates, city staff, planning professionals, designers, community group leaders, and bike nerds filled Los Angeles’ City Council chambers this morning to hear members of delegation of Dutch bike planning experts lay out their strategies and solutions for making a city more bike friendly.

Among the suggestions? Separated bike paths, keeping fast moving cars away from people, and mirrors at intersections for car drivers to check for cyclists!

We brought down four Amxdam omafiets, one Velorbis Student Classic, and one Bobbin Vintage for the delegates to ride on their tour(s) of the city. These bikes are for sale after the event – we haven’t figured out if they should sell for more, or less, after participating in this event!

Three teams were assembled, after a talk given by bicycle planner/cycle policy goddess Hillie Talens, and they are soon to head to three parts of Los Angeles to see the city through the eyes of Dutch cycle planning experts.


You can read their workshop agenda here: “ThinkBike Workshops: A Dutch Boost to Los Angeles’ Bikeability” (retrieved from a waste bin by DJ Chicken Leather before all the riff raff like us got thrown out!).

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  1. Posted September 23, 2011 at 12:29 am | Permalink

    Great job Josef copying the workshop agenda. Judging from the Chicago ThinkBike final report, this could also be at least partially included in the L.A. final report.

    As I was standing next to your bikes, Hillie Talens came over to check out the Dutch bikes. She said they are called Oma or grandma bikes in Holland. I talked to her briefly about your shop and the design of the bikes. Your contribution of the bikes for use on the rides is admirable and plays a part in demonstrating the direction of utilitarian bicycling that the city needs to head towards.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrows conclusion of the workshop and I’m hoping that it will spark a desire for a much higher level in bikeway design for the city.

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