90042 Blog Covers Pigeon Landing

waltarrrrs snap shot of our lil bike shop in Highland Park.

waltarrrr's snap shot of our lil' bike shop in Highland Park.

This post went up a while ago, but we need to send some link-based love out to fellow Highland Park resident waltarrrr. He described our Highland Park operation better than any of us ever could:

Flying Pigeon LA, as the store is called, is a member of the cult. That cult being the Cult of The Bicycle. Like many bicycle orginzations (formal and informal) around Los Angeles, Flying Pigeon LA’s underlying mission is to do what some have said is impossible: Getting Angelenos out of their cars! Organizations from LA County Bike Coalition to C.I.C.L.E. to Midnight Ridazz, have seen the light, and continue to work toward a Los Angeles where bikes are more than toys for kids, or something to be used only at the beach on weekends. Instead, organizations (Or disorganizations as in the case of the [Midnight] Ridazz) and businesses like FPLA are creating opportunities for people to live, and enjoy their city without having to use the car.
-waltarrrr, The Pigeons Have Landed

You can read the rest of the Flying Pigeon LA article on the 90042 blog, which covers Highland Park like sweet morning dew.

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