Dim Sum Ride Blog Insanity!

A large group of bicycle riders in China.

A large group of bicycle riders in China.

Word about our Dim Sum rides is out!

We got picked up on several local foodie blogs this week, and our phone has been ringing off the hook (it’s a cell phone actually, but you get the idea).

Eating L.A. included us in a Thursday morning event list for the weekend. We were pleasantly surprised to read about how they found us:

“When I drove by King Hua last Sunday morning, I saw a big group of bikes gathered outside and knew it must be one of Flying Pigeon LA’s Get Sum Dim Sum rides. The cool Highland Park seller of Chinese Flying Pigeon bikes hosts another ride this Sunday at 10 am, although it’s not entirely clear whether the destination this time is King Hua or Empress Pavilion. Either way, sounds like a great way to work off the bao. Bring your bike or borrow one from them, and rsvp on their website. Note to self: Must buy new bike to replace one that was stolen!”
-Eating LA, Dim sum on bikes and tasty fun all week long

This week, it has been decided: we’re going to Ocean Seafood in Chinatown. About replacing your stolen bike – I think we can help out. Check out our online shop, or phone us up at 213-909-8986 (we deliver, for free, in the L.A. area).

Food GPS wrote a story about the upcoming Dim Sum ride, with a bit more information about our ride:

The point is to get to know other riders and socialize. Bicyclists of any age are welcome. If you’re looking for a strenuous workout, go elsewhere. “The mileage varies, but we keep it to a mellow route,” says Josef. “The ride is designed to be beginner friendly.

There is definitely a lot of socializing and fun on our dim sum rides. After all, what would be the point of riding bikes if you weren’t going to socialize and have fun?

Finally, Eater LA picked us up in their “Listage” post before their readers flee the internet for a weekend of food and gustatory adventure. Hopefully, a few of their readers will join us!

Whew. If this keeps up, we might have to import more bicycles!

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