In Case You Missed The Olympics …

In case you missed the Beijing Olympics, we here at Flying Pigeon LA have put together this helpful compilation of footage of the entire event. Check out the YouTube video below to see our highlight reel.

Just kidding.

This segment was captured by an alert Olympics fan (cycling was broadcast super late at night) and sent our way. In this segment, Lester Holt, of NBC, got Team USA cyclist Mike “Meatball” Friedman to test ride a Flying Pigeon on the Olympic Velodrome in Beijing.

Instead of mocking the humble workhorse of the People’s Republic of Bicycles China, Friedman threw some praise its way – even offering to buy the heavily used bike he test rides off of NBC’s Holt! That would have been $200 well spent, Mike. I’ll tell you though – they get you with the shipping from Asia to the U.S.

When he’s not competing for his country, Mike Friedman rides for the oddly named “Team Garmin-Chipotle presented by H30” team. Mike’s Team Garmin-Chipotle page lists some of his many achievements on two wheels. Sadly, he wasn’t able to medal in this Olympics – but he gave it the old college try, and even got to be world famous for a few days (not for bike riding however). It turns out that if you exit a plane in a polluted city in China with a United States Olympic Committee-issued mask over your face, you get interviewed by the New York Times.

If you’re interested, the article at the N.Y. Times about Mike Friedman’s brush with political scandal is worth a read.

So there you have it: a roundup of the Olympics! I guess I wasn’t kidding about that video after all. It has sports, political intrigue, and the world’s most popular bicycle.

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