Park[ing] Day LA 2008

Flying Pigeons all merican parking spot in Highland Park

Flying Pigeon's all 'merican parking spot in Highland Park

Flying Pigeon LA is taking part in this year’s Park[ing] Day LA, because we believe in a better use of the public right-of-way in Los Angeles (especially Highland Park).

One reason we chose to import Flying Pigeon bicycles is that they are a very practical, safe, and comfortable way to get around the neighborhoods of North East L.A. In short, these bikes are a transportation option we think our neighborhood needs more of in a big way.

We have the streamlined Gold Line running through this area, and the rumbling 81 and 83 bus lines – but this area still lacks a cohesive transportation system that gives residents viable non-automobile transportation options. We do have options here in North East L.A, but it is typically, “Do I take my sedan, my coupe, or my truck?” Or, “The 110 or Figureoa?”

The effects of an over-emphasis on cars has hurt the local retailers and businesses in North East L.A. A study of the Figueroa Street corridor in the mid-1990’s concluded as much:

“Since World War II, the Northeast Los Angeles region has continued to be bypassed with the development of the freeway system, which fostered commercial and industrial decentralization and the growth of peripheral suburbs. Commercial life on Figueroa Street declined with the emergence of the Eagle Rock Mall, which was itself superseded buy other shopping malls and pedestrian commercial zones in Glendale and Pasadena.”
Figueroa Street Improvement Project Report, (from:

We like to think that opening up better public transportation, pedestrian, and bicycle amenities will help make this community more civil, humane, and beautiful. We also think that business might pick up in this area if these sorts of changes are made!

[Update: Our photos got picked up on Curbed LA!]

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