Get Sum Dim Sum Ride #10 – Hot and Spicy!

Dan Dan Mian at Szechwan Best

Dan Dan Mian at Szechwan Best

Join us this coming Sunday, October 12th as we continue our adventures in dining with a trip to Szechwan Best in Alhambra. We planned a great path including a quick Metro trip to the South Pasadena Mission station, a leisurely ride through the tree lined streets of South Pas into Alhambra passing by large mansions and an Irving Gill designed masterpiece.

As always don’t worry about not having the most up to date racing bike as we are mainly riding our single speed classic city bikes imported from China.  Better yet, borrow one of our ten shop loaners and take advantage of the built in basket to tote back leftovers.

Our destination for lunch is a restaurant recently reviewed by Jonathan Gold (one of our culinary hero’s) in the LA Weekly as a great example of the Chengdu style of Szechwan cooking with spicy dishes enhanced with black pepper and a bit more approachable for us rookies.

Szechwan Best is fitted into a space that has housed several Sichuan restaurants in the past few years, some of them among the best in the region. The current model, whose Chinese name Google-translates as “Sichuan Museum,” is probably the sleekest of the incarnations: spare and well-lighted, art on the walls, a discreet glass case protecting the chile-red squashes, pickled green peppers, pressed tofu and cold tripe that make up the all-but-mandatory first courses here, along with the crisp, oily green-onion pancakes and the delicate, thin-skinned Sichuan wontons in red oil. The fuqifeipan, almost-transparent slices of beef marinated in chile and vinegar, are especially good here.

Our shop is located at 3404 N. Figueroa, Los Angeles, CA 90042 and is right off the Metro Gold Line at the Highland Park exit.  Plenty of free parking in the back on Sundays.

If you buy a bike after (or during) the ride, your lunch is on us.
Kids are welcome but please bring helmets for anyone under 18 as it is required by law.

Lunch should run about 15 dollars a person.  Please bring cash to pay for your lunch.

Reserve your loaner bike by replying here or calling the shop at 213-909-8986

Comrades to your bikes!

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