Get a Flying Pigeon with a 30% discount!

[UPDATE December 10, 2008: The original discount has been reduced further still! So sad. Now it is down to a measly 8%. Fret not! If you are contributing member to KCRW in Santa Monica we’ll cut you a 10% in-store (or online) discount.]

[UPDATE November 11, 2008: The original discount has been reduced, but is still in effect! The discount has been reduced from 30% to 25%! Take note! TWENTY FIVE PERCENT OFF (not 30%). We believe this is still one heck of a deal.]

A friend of ours (a little birdy you might say) mentioned that eBay is offering an amazing deal right now with a 30% discount for any purchase made on their site with a “Buy It Now” auction that is paid for with Paypal services.

Noting the limitations (max discount per item is $200, must pay with Paypal, etc) we immediately thought that this was something our customers could really take advantage of!

So here is our plan:

We’ve created a few eBay auctions at our NEW ebay store named, appropriately enough, the Flying Pigeon Store on eBay with our bikes listed at $299 plus tax and including free delivery in the Los Angeles area.  If you wanted to buy one of our bikes but needed a little extra incentive to pull the trigger this $90 dollar discount paid by our friends at Microsoft and eBay should be all that you need!

The quick and dirty rules are:

1)  Search for a product (we suggest Flying Pigeon) at

2) Look for a grey bar at the top with an eBay link and a mention of 30% discount if you use PayPal.

3) Find our products on eBay for sale (there are a few other people selling Pigeon’s in other states) and complete a buy it now purchase on eBay with PayPal.

4) Include your phone number on the email generated to us and we’ll call you within one business day to arrange for pickup or delivery of your professionally built, road tested and ready to ride Flying Pigeon in the color you want.

All the details and restrictions are available here: eBay discount rules

Happy riding and eBaying!

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  1. Adam
    Posted October 20, 2008 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

    I’ve been shopping on eBay this evening and the process is pretty straight-forward. Look for a green boxy icon that reads “Microsoft Cashback” when you are making the purchase and after you complete the purchase a small message will come into your message box with details of the rebate.

    The promotion lasts until the end of October and is a great deal if you want to buy some items. So far, I’ve bought an iBert kid carrier and a new bluetooth headset.

    Mary in Atwater Village just purchased a luminous Yellow Flying Pigeon via our eBay store. Congratulations and thank you!!!

  2. Posted November 13, 2008 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    Please take note! The discount has been reduced from 30% down to 25% off a Flying Pigeon.

    That is 25% off a Flying Pigeon!

    Woo hoo!

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