Guerilla Garden in front of Flying Pigeon LA

Guerilla Garden in front of Flying Pigeon LAs bicycle shop.

Guerilla Garden in front of Flying Pigeon LA's bicycle shop.

A gigantic tree in front of the Flying Pigeon LA shop died a while ago, and the City finally sent a crew to cut it down. The crew came in the middle of the night, and when they were done the tree was gone (to match a stump twenty yards up the block) and an insulting “LADOT” cone as nailed into the top of the remaining stump.

A small crew of Guerilla Gardeners showed up and planted some small flowering plants around the stump, and planted their flag (two small logos on sticks, really) in the fresh potting oil they laid down.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Guerrilla gardening is political gardening, a form of nonviolent direct action, primarily practiced by environmentalists. It is related to land rightsland reform, and permaculture. Activists take over (“squat“) an abandoned piece of land which they do not own to grow crops or plants. Guerrilla gardeners believe in re-considering land ownership in order to reclaim land from perceived neglect or misuse and assign a new purpose to it.

“Guerilla Gardening”, Wikipedia on October 21, 2008

There is no more shade in front of our shop in the morning, but at least there is a tiny green spot where only hard-packed dirt and an old stump were. It ain’t much, but it’s something.

Once we’ve scraped all the gum off the sidewalk out front (with an old screwdriver), and the plants have filled in, we’l take some more pictures.

For more inspiring pictures and information, check out To get involved with a local group of Guerillas, visit Los Angeles Guerilla Gardening.

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  1. Posted October 23, 2008 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    This is great! Thanks for linking the site too. I’d love to put you on our email list for future missions and put your garden on our list of gardens in LA. Thanks.

  2. Posted December 1, 2008 at 12:47 am | Permalink

    This garden is awesome! I passed by when it was just the stump and cone nailed, literally on. Really insulting on the city’s part. This is a great way to show we want our community back and looking better!

  3. sana
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 4:22 am | Permalink

    hello all

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