Wasn’t Dim Sum, But The Wine Was Fine

Wine tasting after brunch and a tour of San Antonio Winery.

Wine tasting after brunch and a tour of San Antonio Winery.

This past Get Sum Dim Sum Ride was a blast! We decided to skip the dim sum, and head over to the San Antonio Winery for brunch, a tour, and a wine tasting.

A bunch of fellow bloggers came along on the ride, took photos, and wrote about the adventure afterward.

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blkmarket came along for the ride and snapped some awesome photos, which you can see above (or on his Flickr set “Flying Pigeon Ride”).

Shannon at sha in LA (see her Flickr photo set, Flying Pigeon Get Sum Dim Sum Ride #9 for more pictures of the ride) wrote a post, “fly like a pigeon?” that covered the ride (and our bikes) well. She cruised one of our boldest bicycles, an orange PB-13, and handled it like a pro.

Pat at Eating L.A., a foodie and a delight to have a conversation with, joined us on the ride, and has revealed for the world how the San Antonio Winery (L.A.’s first Italian winery) survived Prohibition:

After lunch we had a tour of the winery (antique carved wine barrels, pictured at right), which survived Prohibition by selling sacramental wine to churches. In the tasting room, we tried the winery’s San Simeon chardonnay and cabernet before riding back to Highland Park, which is just a touch more uphill than the way there. This was a great trip for a fairly novice cyclist like me, especially with the option to take the Gold Line back!
-Pat, San Antonio Winery, on bikes

Johnny Lam wrote a great passage in a post entitled Riding With A Bunch Of Pigeons on his blog, memoryloot, about the ride (he also posted a few photos on Flickr):

By the time we were done and ready to go, the sun came up and warmed everyone up. It was pleasant a pleasant ride back. I especially like that Chickenleather was documenting the whole experience. One of these days I’m going to see if I can get a copy from him. We passed by a group where someone yelled, “Are you guys Midnight Riddazz??” CL wittingly replied, “Of course we’re not! It’s daytime.” That made me chuckle. Riding in a group like that made me feel like a kid again. It’s similar to riding in a group of motorcycles but slow enough to carry on conversations. Hard to describe unless you’re there.

– Johnny Lam, Riding With A Bunch Of Pigeons

What a ride! The next two weeks we’re going to get back on track with spicy Sczechuan food and dim sum. Come on by, Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. in front of the Flying Pigeon LA shop, located at 3404 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042.

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