A Clear Eyed Customer – Flying Pigeon Feedback

A friend forwarded us an excellent essay on what it is like owning and riding one of our fabulous Flying Pigeon roadsters. The essay, by archie4oz, on his blog “halfaloafoftofu“, is entitled “The Flying Pigeon“.

This is one of our favorite parts:

“…[I]n spite of all that I still really love this bike. When all I see all around me are generic road bikes and mountain bikes, my Pigeon sticks out as glaringly stylish and retro (which is probably why they command a ridiculously high price in New York). I get people stopping me and asking me about it all the time and get some pretty amusing looks from lots of Chinese folks when I go riding around in Chinatown.”
-archie4oz, “The Flying Pigeon“, December 10, 2008

You can read the rest of The Flying Pigeon at archie4oz’s blog halfaloafoftofu.

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