Happy Detour for Luscious Dumpling Run

Flaky pork rolls at King Hua in Alhambra. Photo by Eating L.A.

Flaky pork rolls at King Hua in Alhambra. Photo by Eating L.A.

Yesterday’s Get Sum Dim Sum Ride was quite an adventure! Two on-the-fly change of venues (group too big for one, closed for remodeling at the other) and one flat rear tire landed us back at good ol’ King Hua in Alhambra.

Luscious Dumplings will have to wait for another dim sum run.

Eating L.A. came along for the ride and posted a story about the adventure (and the food):

“Nearby Mission 261 is closed for remodeling so we backtracked to King Hua, where I’ve eaten several times. But my tablemates, several on vacation from Sacramento, were happy to let me go crazy on the dim sum checkoff sheet and get things like chicken salad buns, shrimp dumplings with chives, flaky pork pastries, seaweed salad and all the usual favorites. Despite a change of plans, someone’s flat tire and some sleepy toddlers, it was a great ride.”
– Eating L.A., “Dim sum ride goes bigtime” March 14, 2009

King Hua really came through, and the dim sum was of the highest quality. The folks who joined us on the ride were a great bunch as well – diverse and excited about the cycling adventure.

Thanks to all who joined us on the ride!

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