Batavus Dutch Bicycles In Stock

Orange Old Dutch Batavus bicycle in front of Flying Pigeon LA.

Orange Old Dutch Batavus bicycle in front of Flying Pigeon LA.

Our first shipment of Batavus bicycles arrived in mid-April – and they are beautiful, well-made, chic, cycling machines.

We’re hoping to expand our line of bicycles to include more Dutch bikes. These are a fine starter, we think!

The orange bike pictured above was sold this past weekend, but we’ve still got a Matte Silver and Glossy Black version of the Old Dutch bicycle in the shop. If we don’t have the bike (or color) you want, it only takes 4 or 5 business days to get a bike from our distributor in Canada.

We also carry a 3-speed version of the Old Dutch called the 1-2 Have (pronounced “One to have”), which goes for a bit more than the Old Dutch single speeds.

If you’re looking for Flying Pigeon-type comfort and style, with a lighter bike and better components – these Batavus bicycles are for you!

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  1. chi-yoon
    Posted May 2, 2009 at 6:46 am | Permalink

    Yeah!! finally!!! I did a bike ride with you in the summer last year with my Batavus and it was great having people oo and aa over my bike. I’m glad you guys put them in your store! now we just have to raze the hills on the east side….

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