Dutch Bikes Making it Big in NYC

“The Great Downturn may have its first real status symbol.”
-David Colman, “Riding the It Factor“, NY Times April 15, 2009

The NY Times recently had a piece about Dutch bicycles making a splash in New York, “Riding the It Factor“. Considering that we just brought a small armada of Dutch bicycles to Los Angeles (from Dutch bike maker Batavus), we’re feeling quite prescient!

We have several models of Dutch bicycles available, with prices starting at $750, for a single-speed “Old Dutch” and running up to $870 for a 3-speed, drum-brake equipped “1-2 Have” (prices include tax).

If you’d like to kick the tires and take a real Dutch bike for a spin, pass by the Flying Pigeon LA shop when you’ve got some free time! We’re located at 3404 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065. You can reach us by calling 213-909-8986.

LA has a strong bike culture & we’ve now got Dutch bikes – seems like the only thing missing is city government to make the streets a little more friendly for cyclists!

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    What exactly makes Dutch bikes so special?

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