Hey, isn’t that you in Daily Candy?

This morning Daily Candy spreads the word about the Flying Pigeon dim sum ride.

This morning Daily Candy spreads the word about the Flying Pigeon dim sum ride.

It looks like we’re going to have a big crowd this weekend at our Get Sum Dim Sum Ride to Empress Pavillion in Chinatown!

The LA Times recently featured our ride in the their weekend guide, and now Daily Candy has included us in their “What To Do This Weekend” guide.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this upcoming dim sum ride, check out our post “April Dim Sum Ride as Seen in ‘The Guide’“.

One of the more fun things about running a bicycle shop is that it’s an immediately understandable business for most of our friends to see, intuitively ‘get’ and talk about. We are selling a touchable, usable, physical thing that can be used for fun, exercise, transportation and just plain getting outside and interacting with the city around us.

Maybe in this day and age, a simple retail business selling basic transportation sounds like a good place to be when you hear about how Chrysler workers are being told to reduce their pay by $30 an hour (yes, reduce by more than many of us will ever make an hour) and the economy we’ve built on high speed communication and transportation slows down after a generation of boom times. Both me and Josef have young children and trying to find a sustainable way to live and support ourselves without succumbing to 60 hour per week jobs with crazy car commutes, upward or out cultures, and general lack of tangible, creative work led us to opening this shop last year. We’ve had our growing pains, rethought our strategy, even moved stores but one major constant has been our love of good bikes, love of good food and zeal for enjoying life as it comes.

For the past few months it’s always been a pleasant surprise to hear from friends and co-workers at other gigs that they saw us someplace or other in the media (new and old). Our mom clipped out an LA Times article and has it on her fridge, one of my long lost girlfriends found me via an article in Sunset Magazine (we renewed our subscription) and today i got an email from one of my colleagues at my day job early this morning saying, “Hey man, isn’t that you on your crazy red bike in the Daily Candy this morning?”

And yes, yes it is, with a snappy caption about our monthly Get Sum, Dim Sum Ride to Chinatown this weekend, a photo of a group of us on a previous adventure and even a great note about our new shop. Here’s the latest in from them.

We’ve had the great pleasure of meeting some of the Daily Candy team at a semi-regular bake sale in Silverlake and love their way with words and how they’ve kept me in the know of all the latest fashion, accessories and things happening around town. I especially enjoy the heavily targeted sales emails offering products that I never knew existed.

It looks like our loaner bike pool is all reserved for this Sunday’s ride and we are expecting a sizable group to meet us at the shop on Sunday morning for some hot tea before we head out on our ride to Empress Pavilion in Chinatown where we can indulge in good old fashioned cart service (many of the places in the SGV have gone to the menu style of dim sum), and a beer afterwards in the tourist center of old Chinatown.

Please do join us if you’ve got your own ride and we’ll be happy to see you, catch up on good times and expand our plans for global bicycle domination.

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