Flying Pigeon Inspired Rides Taking Off

Being tied down to the shop most days, we don’t get to go on fun rides with the Midnight Ridazz or the local Eastside Bike Club. It turns out that despite our poor attendance at LA’s social bike rides, our little shop has had some influence in the local bike world!

The first pigeon-inspired ride we got hip to was the “Pigeon Run Ride“, which is a pretty fast paced ride to any part of LA County that strikes the ride organizer’s fancy. They’ve got a couple of shaky camera YouTube clips of the crew that blasts across LA on their monthly night time bicycle sojourns.

The next Pigeon Run Ride is TBA on the Midnight Ridazz web-site’s forum.

This evening, after a long day in the shop doing the lord’s work (i.e. mostly fixing wrecked, low-end, bike parts for people in the neighborhood for very low prices) I logged into and noticed thatthe Eastside Bike Club had put together a dim sum bike ride of their own! How cool is that!

The Eastside Bike Club is a newer, more mainstream and very positive, outgrowth of the LA bike scene that is based in El Sereno, Lincoln Heights and other parts of town east of the LA River. Head Eastside Bike Clubber, Chapulin, has helped organize a great mass of cycling enthusiasts into a regular riding group that gets together for fun, a little bit of solidarity, and some exercise during daylight hours.

The next Eastside Bike Club dim sum ride is coming up tomorrow, Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 10 a.m.! For more details, check out the post Chapulin put up on Midnight Ridazz about the Eastside Bike Club Dim Sum Ride.

Right on with both the Pigeon Run Ridazz and the East Side Bike Club! If you guys need any spare parts or repairs, stop by and enjoy the friends and neighors discount. Keep on riding and keep up the good work – we need more people like y’all to keep the velorution going.

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