Frsylan, Breukelen In Stock but Going Fast

Flying Pigeon LA is home to quite a few unique varieties of bicycle in Los Angeles: Flying Pigeon brand roadsters, Batavus Old Dutch and 1-2 Haves, Gazelle Toer Populaires, and now something made in Holland just for the U.S. market!

Batavus has just delivered to North America some of the hottest bikes we’ve every ridden, and quite a value as well: the Fryslan 5-Speed and the Breukelen aluminium 7-Speed dutch bikes! We’ve got the Frsylan and Breukelen in stock now at the shop, and they are gorgeous.

Batavus Frsyslan 5-speed available at Flying Pigeon LA.

Batavus Frsyslan 5-speed available at Flying Pigeon LA.

The Fryslan is an awesome bike, here is more about it from 4th Floor Distribution (the N. American distributors for Batavus brand bicycles):

“The Fryslan is a showstopper. It’s classic decals recall the Batavus of the 1950’s – recalling the companies long and enigmatic history. It’s whitewall tyres bring to mind the first Old Dutch bike of 1905. Yet, its five speed hub is adapted for the gentle hills but longer commutes of cities like Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, New York and LA. It’s a cosmopolitan adaptation of the classic omafiets for those who crave an authentic Dutch bike but live with greater urban sprawl or rolling hills.”

-Bespoke Blog, The Batavus Fryslan

The Fryslan is available in a couple of different sizes:

  • Step-through: 50cm or 56cm
  • Classic: 60cm

The Fryslan retails for $948 (plus tax) at Flying Pigeon LA (though prices and availability are subject to change without notice). If we don’t have the Fryslan to fit you in stock, the right bike can be shipped to Flying Pigeon LA and assembled (free of charge) in 4 to 6 business days.

The Fryslan comes equipped with a SRAM 5-speed rear hub, front and rear drum brakes, and a ton of classic dutch styling. The bike looks like something your great granpda would have ridden your great grandma to the first Worlds Fair on. If you’re reading this, you know how that ended up!

Batavus Breukelen 7-speed aluminium bike, available at Flying Pigeon LA.

Batavus Breukelen 7-speed aluminium bike, available at Flying Pigeon LA.

The Breukelen is an awesome combination of modern componentry and classic Dutch styling – a perfect commuter:

“The classic Dutch bike is great for certain conditions, but if hills or sprawl are in one’s environment the need for a lighter bike, as well as a bike with more gears is fairly obvious. And no, the Breukelen is not lightweight – it is merely lighter than the classic omafiets. Because the Breukelen is designed for year-round outdoor storage and getting bashed around while locked up the priority is overall durability. It’s ride, like all Dutch bikes, is remarkably efficient. Tuned to the pace of a city, the Breukelen takes you where you need to go in safety completely sweat-free. And its good looking. Really good looking!”
-Bespoke Blog, “The Batavus Breukelen

The Batavus Breukelen comes in a variety of sizes:

  • Step-through: 53cm and 56cm
  • Classic: 54cm and 58cm

The Breukelen costs $1149 at Flying Pigeon LA (though prices and availability are subject to change without notice). The right bike to fit your height can be ordered, shipped, and assembled here in the shop in about 4 to 6 business days. The Breukelen comes equipped with an aluminium frame, a Shimano Nexus 7-speed rear hub, a dynamo hub in the front, drum brakes front and rear, and all the typical dutch bike trim. It looks really clean and has a more modern, understated, look to it.

Someone call up Coco at LA Cycle Chic! She’s got to get over here to try these beauties out!

Flying Pigeon LA is a boutique bicycle retailer, specializing in classic city bikes from around the world. We are open Wednesday through Sunday and can be reach by calling 213-909-8986 or by emailing

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      I cannot believe I missed this post! I must see them like yesterday!

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      I am sorry to say, we sold the Breukelen the day after we got it in the shop! Don’t worry, we’ll get some more on the way soon.

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