LA Gets Chic Cycling Blog!

Cosmo, LAs Cycling Chic blogger, astride a Gazelle Toer Populair at Flying Pigeon LA.

Cosmo, LA's Cycling Chic blogger, astride a Gazelle Toer Populair at Flying Pigeon LA.

It’s been a while in getting here, but LA finally has its own Cycling Chic blog now, “Los Angeles Cycling Chic“, thanks to Cosmo – a fashion designer and mommy living on the Westside.

There are is a growing network of “Cycle Chic” blogs around the world, many of them inspired by The Slow Bicycle Movement and Cycle Chic from Copenhagen [link thanks to commentor Elle].

Well, folks, we sell slow bicycles! Yep, that’s right slow bikes. The whole idea is sort of antithetical to most people looking to buy a bike, who walk into the shop, grab a bike and try to lift it in the air proclaiming, “You can ride this up hills?!”

The reasons we sell slow bikes are many and varied, but here is a small list:

  • “Fast” bikes don’t come with fenders, enclosed chains, and coat guards (good luck wearing slacks or a gown on those bikes);
  • Sitting upright while cycling is good for the imagination and sense of civic connection to your fellow man;
  • Riding a bike shouldn’t mean you have to sweat and speed everywhere;
  • We’re snobs! The bikes just look cool, and in the U.S. everyone does back flips when they see a Flying Pigeon or a dutch bike.

We carry 48 lbs Chinese Flying Pigeon roadsters. We carry the heaviest, most beautiful, Gazelle bicycles (the Toer Populair). We have a store stuffed to the gills with 25+ lbs Batavus Old Dutch and 1-2 Have bikes.

Do we want people to be late? To be trapped at the bottom of hills? Nah, we just love the peace and civility of the world’s most attractive and practical bicycles. From the looks of it, Cosmo at Los Angeles Cycle Chic feels the same way.

Bravo Cosmo!

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  1. Elle
    Posted July 3, 2009 at 9:55 am | Permalink

    funny how you have just discovered cycle chic, which started in Copenhagen with Copenhagen Cycle Chic and the guy there also started the Slow Bicycle Movement. The whole cycle chic movement started with his blog.

    If you’re going to try and sell bicycles on the backs of other peoples’ work, at least get the credit right.

  2. Posted July 3, 2009 at 10:46 am | Permalink


    I’ve been a fan of Copenhagenize and the Slow Bicycle Movement for nearly as long as they have existed. I’m not sure I understand why my reference to the Slow Bicycle Movement alone offended you, but I’d ask that you take a deep breath next time before writing something so mean.

    Your correction is duly noted, and a link to Copenhagen Cycle Chic has been added above.

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