BikeHaus Architecture Rides in Los Angeles

While preparing for a great ride in October that I’m organizing I received an email from Mike who in addition to being an alum of UCLA¬† helps organize a semi regular riding group to interesting architectural spots in Los Angeles.¬† Browsing their blog over at I enjoyed the photos of people using their bikes to not only get to some of the more unique houses here in the LA area but also creating a unique community feel of their rides where they start in the mornings and gather for a lunch to ponder and discuss what they’ve seen already.

As a long time docent over at the Gamble House in Pasadena and neighbors of the great Heritage Square complex in Highland Park I always appreciate people taking the time to check out their surroundings.

Take a moment to check out their Blog and if you can, goad them along to organize some trips up and down Mount Washington to see some of the GREAT architecture here in Northeast Los Angeles where our Flying Pigeon Shop is.

They’ve gone to see the Eames House in Pacific Palisades

Eames house in Los Angeles California - Open every july 20th

Eames house in – Open every July 20th

They’ve checked out some of the Case Study Houses:

Pierre's Stahl House - BikeHaus trip

Pierre's Stahl House - BikeHaus trip

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