Slate Mag. Happy About Dutch Bikes

Slate Magazine just published an article, “I Want To Ride My ($1,400, Dutch-Style) Bicycle” by┬áSeth Stevenson, running through a bunch of the bikes sold through Fourth Floor Distribution, North America’s source for quality European-made city bikes. We hooked up with the folks at Fourth Floor, and carry a room full of Batavus bicycles – from the Breukelen all the way down to the Butterfly model.

The first paragraph of the article says a lot about what makes the Dutch bicycles we carry so magic:

“I remember the first time I saw a couple in Amsterdam sharing a bicycle. She was perched sidesaddle on the luggage rack above the rear wheel, one hand around her date’s waist, the other holding an umbrella to deflect the Dutch drizzle. He was whispering to her over his shoulder, the light breeze fluttering his hair. Perhaps the pot I’d smoked earlier that day was gauzing my brain and turning me soft, but right there and then I fell deeply in love with classic Dutch bicycles.”
-Seth Stevenson, “I Want To Ride My ($1,400, Dutch-Style) Bicycle“, August 26, 2009

If you’re looking for a European-style city bike, we’re pretty much the one and only place in L.A. that has them pre-assembled and ready to ride. There is of course the Fourth Floor catalogue, which we take orders from regularly (free shipping and assembly for in-store orders).

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