Heading to Interbike

If you’re planning on visiting the shop this Friday or Saturday, Josef (the scruffier of the two brothers who run the shop) will be out at Interbike 2009 in Las Vegas.

He’s going to be walking around collecting contact info from people who import and make city bike riding parts and accessories. We’re talking about coat guards, dynamo lights that stay lit once you’ve stopped, baskets, bags, cargo bikes, bakfietsen, baby seats, and a whole host of other stuff that you’ve simply gotta have to ride your bike in the city.

The Flying Pigeon LA store will likely be open, with our friend Jon Raspa (a photographer, lifeguard, wheel builder, and part-time mechanic at the Bike Oven) manning the repair bay and the front counter.

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    If you run into anyone from Fort Worth, Texas, with a City Cyclist shirt on, say hi from Doohickie. It will freak them out. Okay… probably not. They know I have imaginary friends from the internet.

    ;- )

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