Flying Pigeon Park for Park[ing] Day LA 2009

Flying Pigeon Park for Parking Day LA 2009.

Flying Pigeon Park for Parking Day LA 2009.

We participated in Park[ing] Day LA this year, but I was a little slow to get pictures of our park online (business has been hectic!). I posted a small Flickr set online, “Park[ing] Day LA 2009“.

We lucked out again this year, and CurbedLA had a photographer sent to our shop – and we made the cut for their front page photo show. Can I get a what what?! Yes you can. Here is a link to the Curbed LA story, “CurbedWire: Park[ing] Pics, Venice to Downtown

Plans for next year’s park are already being hatched, but the high point of this year’s park (for me) was hanging out in the evening with neighbors and gossiping after the business day was over on a cool patch of turf. If only the amount of pleasure the street gave people was as important to the city as how many cars they can get driving on it!

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