Get Sum Dim Sum – October 18, Equator in Pasadena

Get Sum Dim Sum Ride – October 18th, 10am

Join Flying Pigeon Los Angeles as we take our monthly dim sum ride to new heights by riding through Old Town Pasadena.  We are heading to Encounter restaurant on Mills Alley across from the old Johnson Motors shop (or Burke Williams spa for the ladies).  They have a little known dim sum meal on Sundays and we aim to find out a bit more.

I’ve seen flyers advertising a $10 dollar all you can eat dim sum special and we can either do that or try the regular menu which can be seen here:

Since we learned last month that starting the dim sum ride with an uphill climb for food doesn’t work out so well we are planning to jump on the Metro Gold Line from right behind the shop and ride up to the Pasadena Station.  From there we will ride through Old Town and get to the restuarant for a nice meal.

items to try
– har gao
– lychee martini
– Baked bbq pork bun
– pork Siu Mai

On the way back after brunch we’ll check out the sights in Pasadena, South Pasadena and even ride over a historic bridge before seeing some horses and riding the river bike path back to the shop.

As always, the standard rules of the rides are simple
– Meet at the shop at 10AM, leave at 10:30
– If you bring your bike, please check it and be ready to ride
– Please bring helmets for yourself or any little ones, we welcome kids but all people under 18 must have helmets
– We have a limited number of rental bikes available at $10 per bike.  As of today (sat. night, there are 2 left)
– If you come on our rides, we want you to be safe, be full and have a great time
– We travel at a slow pace.  it’s fine for most but frustrating for some, try to enjoy the greatness of our experiences
– Bring about 15-20 bucks for your lunch and the train ride
– More can be seen here:

Interior of Equator

Interior of Equator

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