Happy 60th Birthday to the Communist Party

Today, October 1, 2009 marks the 60th Birthday of the current era of Communist rule in China.  For centuries China has been ruled by kings, emperors, foreign powers, puppet governments and more.  In the aftermath of World War 2, the Communist party led by Mao Zedong won control of the country and formed the Communist Party that has brought prosperity and happiness to their country.

In addition to full employment and other gains, they designed the Fei Gei or Flying Pigeon bicycle to celebrate the peaceful nature of their government and country.

We salute and congratulate you on 60 years of rule.  May the coming 60 years be good to you and your people.

Remarkable photos from China’s national magazine, The China Pictorial: https://in2marcom.com/2009/09/china-pictorial-60years-of-the-peoples-republic.html

Videos of the national celebration : https://www.cctv.com/english/special/60live/videoreview/index.shtml

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