Gold Line Extension Bike Sale!

From now until the end of 2009, bring in a Metro pass to save big on bikes at Flying Pigeon LA.

From now until the end of 2009, bring in a Metro pass to save big on bikes at Flying Pigeon LA.

Here at Flying Pigeon LA we’re sitting on last year’s bikes, getting ready for a bunch of new stuff in spring – and I’m thinking to myself, “You know what makes a train ride more fun? A bike ride to the train!”. Cycling and train riding are the perfect combination. Trains can do all the heavy work for you, and bikes will glide you to your final destination in style and comfort (assuming, of course, that you’ve got the right bikes to glide on).

Additionally, bike riding is the most efficient mode of human locomotion (ever)! So you can take environmentalism to snooty new highs (or lows) or simply enjoy some fresh air between your daily grind and your crash pad.

The free rides on the Gold Line are over, but good deals on practical transportation solutions are only a few train stops away! In honor of the MTA’s recent opening of the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension, we’re cutting prices on our bicycles. We’re doing it for a bunch of good reasons, but mainly to encourage people to walk and use the train more!

Here is the deal with the Gold Line Extension Sale:

  • Bring in a valid Metro Day Pass, One-Way Ticket for that calendar day – and the discounts will be yours for the taking (TAP and monthly passes also accepted, of course!).
  • Sale lasts until the end of 2009 (December 31, 2009).
  • Not valid with any other offer.
  • One Metro-ticket bike purchase discount per customer.
  • This is for in-stock bicycles only – what we have on the floor is what we have on sale. 2010 model year bikes are not a part of this sale.

The bikes we have on sale (up until the “new train” smell goes away on the Gold Line, we run out of bikes, or December 31, 2009, whichever comes first) are as follows:

Batavus Old Dutch bicycles lined up at Flying Pigeon LA.

Batavus Old Dutch bicycles lined up at Flying Pigeon LA.

Batavus Old Dutch (single speed). These finely made transportation bikes are best suited for relatively flat areas – i.e. cruising Downtown to and from the office, around Pasadena or South Pasadena, and anywhere else that the grade is modest and you get style points for shopping on a bike. The Batavus Old Dutch is also perfect if you’re going to lock a bike up outdoors year-round – everything on the bike is super-duper stainless steel (a technical term, I assure you) and rust-proofed, as the Dutch live below sea-level and abuse the heck out of their city bikes.

We’re taking 15% off the Batavus Old Dutch when you present a Metro ticket. We don’t have many left in stock – so now is your chance to snag a classic!

A Batavus Diva, in white, waits to be unleashed on L.A.s roads.

A Batavus Diva, in white, waits to be unleashed on L.A.'s roads.

Batavus Diva (three speed). What the Honda Civic is to the Model T, so is the Diva to the Old Dutch. These bikes are thoroughly modern in every way – alloy parts, 700c wheels, aluminum frame, hub generator powered light, a free pump, and beautiful filigree work on the fenders.

The Diva also comes equipped with a 3-speed hub with generous gearing – so hitting the grades of East L.A., riding up Hill Street back to the office from Chinatown, or heading up into Pasadena from L.A. is all do-able. Like the Old Dutch, the Diva is made to be both stylish as well as a practical beast of burden – ready-made to be your “train station bike” that gets rained on for years before needing a little bit of bike shop TLC.

The Batavus Diva, normally retails for $1050 … we’re taking a huge 15% chunk off of retail with your Metro Pass. Agh! I feel like Crazy Gideon, but for bicycles.

The lovely Gazelle Toer Populair T3, now available at Flying Pigeon LA.

The lovely Gazelle Toer Populair T3, now available at Flying Pigeon LA.

Now that a large shipment of 2010 Gazelle bicycles have hit U.S. shores, we need to make way – and this is your chance to snap up the Mercedes Benz of bicycles, a Gazelle Toer Populair T3. We’ve only got three of these bicycles left, normally $1350 retail we’re taking 19% off with an MTA pass.

There are other big discounts to be had on some of our other bicycles: Origin8 folding bikes ($70 off retail with Metro Pass); Torker Cargo T’s ($100 off retail with Metro Pass) and T530’s ($100 off with Metro Pass); as well as cuts in all our other Batavus bike prices. We have one Flying Pigeon brand bakfiets left that will also be on sale – I don’t want to quote the price we’re selling it for online, but it is at a significant discount.

The Flying Pigeon LA shop is located at 3404 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065. We’re right next to the intersection of North Figueroa St. and Pasadena/Mamion Way – served by both the 81 and 83 buses, and their express services, 24 hours a day. We’re also located two short blocks away from the Heritage Square Gold Line station – just walk down Marmion Way off the train platform. It bends into Avenue 37. You hang a right at the corner of Avenue 37 and Figueroa and walk three shops down to get to our doors.

You can drive to the shop by exiting at Avenue 43 off the 110 freeway and heading towards Avenue 37 and Figueroa. There is plenty of on-street parking (fo’ free), especially across the street adjacent a small park.

Are we receiving a subsidy to do this from the MTA? No. No we are not. We’re doing this because we believe in an L.A. that doesn’t require a car to live “the good life”. We’re also just trying to make room for next year’s bikes. Get ’em while they last and don’t forget your Metro pass!

If you’re wondering what the Gold Line is, there is a great article in the LA Times by Hector Tobar, “From east to west, steel rails pull L.A. together” published on November 24, 2009.

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