One small bell from us, one giant ping for KPFK

KPFK's new membership drive bell

An older chicano fellow, in his late 50’s or 60’s, came into the shop a while back and needed some help with his bike. We messed up the initial repair and kept him off his bike for almost a week while waiting for parts to arrive to make everything right. The parts arrived, and we installed them to his specifications, at no extra charge. We threw in a bell (of his choice) to make everything right.

He chose one of the Velo Orange brass temple bells we keep in stock. Ouch! That’s a pricey little bell, but we owed it to him for the inconvenience. They’ve got a really nice tone – I ring mine just to hear it’s sustained and mellow ring, opting instead to yell at people and things in my way, the bell’s just for me.

A few months later the same guy comes in the door and asks us if we can get him a bell for KPFK, the local radio station he helps run.

KPFK airs one of our favorite programs, Bike Talk!, once a week, so we were all in.

A spare coaster brake axle, a one-piece kids’ bike chain ring, some sawed-off handlebar bits, and ping! A new bell for KPFK’s membership drive (they ring it whenever they sign up a new member). Of course, we installed a Velo Orange brass temple bell.

We’ve already received a friendly response from a few shop regulars and KPFK listeners, and hopefully this small audio prop will help keep the station’s membership drives fun and lucrative.

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