Pedersen Bicycles available at Flying Pigeon LA

Pedersen Bicycle at Flying Pigeon LA

For more photos of the large (30 to 33″ inseam) Pedersen bicycle at Flying Pigeon LA – just click on the image above to see them all.

We’re blessed in Southern California with many things. One of them is Dave from Pedersen Bicycles. Dave is the only person in North American that imports Pedersen bicycles to the U.S. – and his beautiful bikes are now available through Flying Pigeon LA bike shop.

A bicycle born out of the heady late 19th century, the Pedersen bicycle’s design “continues to be an example of unique craftsmanship in a world of mass-produced convention. Pedersen bicycles are a link to the past, when cycling brought independence and freedom of movement, when quality was apparent, when details mattered, when style was beautiful.”

The Pedersen bicycle presents the rider with an incredibly comfortable saddle and the feeling of riding a bird in flight.

There is a an excellent article about these bikes that was published in Bicycling Magazine, “The Rare Pedersen Bike – A Strange and Not Unpleasant Experience“, by Florence Williams.

Direct inquiries about the bike pictured here to Flying Pigeon LA at

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