Four Velorbis Bikes to arrive December 21, 2010

Velorbis Victoria Classic

Oh my! Flying Pigeon LA will receive four new Velorbis bicycles on Tuesday, December 21, 2010.

We are turning into a Danish bike shop (along with our Dutch bikes). Someone contact the Danish Consulate and let them know.

What will be arriving?

We’ll be getting:

Velorbis Victoria Classic at Flying Pigeon LA

One Victoria Classic, Small in black, $1,795.

Velorbis Student Ballon at Flying Pigeon LA

One Student Balloon, Small in olive green, $1,295 (bag not included).

Velorbis Studine Balloon at Flying Pigeon LA

One Studine Balloon, Small in ivory, $1,295.

Velorbis Student Classic at Flying Pigeon LA

OneĀ  Student Classic, Large in black, $1,295 (bag not included.

Once the bikes arrive on December 21, we’re going to get to work assembling them. If you would like to pre-order any of these bikes please do so ASAP. Demand for these bikes has been ridiculously high, and we weren’t able to get any more than this out of the manufacturer. Please contact us at for inquiries.

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