Mikey Wally’s 2010 Retrospective

The new year is a time for reflection. So how was 2010? Personally, it’s hard for me to remember, so let’s look back at some photos.

De Bernardi Track Bike Next to Rabbits
2010 marked the end of the Rabbit Hole. It was a “west side bike punk house” and say what you will about the hole, it was a significant facet of the bike community. Many lived there, many more built custom bicycles there, and many many more had good times. I remember one day I arrived at the Rabbit Hole unannounced and uninvited and was welcomed with dubstep and a hot meal. Some of the people that frequented the Rabbit Hole moved to another spot, I’ve yet to visit and can’t wait.

Hiding in the Shade | DTLA | 115 Degrees
Remember when it was 115 degrees outside? It was hotter than a stove top outside. I remember one lady that just burst in to flames right in front of me. We tried to douse her with water, but the water kept evaporating before it got to her. Wow.

The Gaslamp Killer | Low End Theory Stage at Eagle Rock Music Festival
Red Bull Presents: Culture Clash | SMOG
The parties were OK.

Bunny Hop Comp Winning Jump
BFF LA | The Birth of Big Air After Party
BFF LA | To Live and Ride in LA Premier
But the bike parties were way better! The second two photos are from The Bicycle Film Festival’s visit to LA. It’s the only bike event that annually travels around the world bringing smaller individual cycling communities together to have fun, play, and watch films created by others in the greater bike community. Brilliant. The first photo is from the 4130 BMX Club’s monthly Subway Series ride. Lots of times they have a bunny hop comp somewhere near the end of the ride, and sometimes people, like Andrew Jackson here, jump really high!

Delivering blogdowntown Weekly's
Josef and Brenda Riding away from Don (HOLIDAY Crop)
But my most favorite times of 2010 were definitely on Cargo Bikes. LOL. I’ve been blogging here at Flying Pigeon LA Bike Shop, “The Blog,” for a couple months, and delivering newspapers on one of their Niholo cargo bikes for less than half a year. Even though it’s only been a little bit of time, it’s been fun, and I’m thankful for that.

What am I looking forward to in 2011? Dim Sum rides, more Spoke(n) Art Rides, and taking way more photos!

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