Po Campo bag re-supply has arrived

Po Campo Handlebar Clutch in Rainbow Foliage Coated Acrylic at Flying Pigeon LA
Our stock of Po Campo bags was running low (and their available stock was as well!), so we hurried up and ordered some more bags from this small, woman-run, Chicago-based company.

They arrived this past Friday and I thought I’d show everyone what we’ve got in stock because these have uniformly been bought as gifts for chic cyclists and it is gift buying season after all!

Want to know what we’ve got in stock?

Po Campo bags at Flying Pigeon LA

We have four of the larger Rack Totes ($162/ea.); two in black & white damask laminated cotton and two in solid silver vinyl.

We have four Bungee Handbags ($120/ea.); two in solid gold vinyl, one in green damask laminated cotton, and one in tropical sunset coated acrylic.

We also have four Handlebar Clutch bags ($92/ea.); two in rainbow foliage coated acrylic, one in black & white damask laminated cotton, and two in fluer de france coated acrylic.

We’ve even got a few accessories! Po Campo reflective pins ($10/ea.) and Spare Pockets ($23/ea.).

These do make great gifts as they work with every type of handlebars and rear rack we’ve ever encountered. They are also very nice bags (aside from the bicycle bit), with weatherproof fabric, quality construction, stainless hardware, and attractive prints and fabric.

I think that bags like this lend dignity to cyclists surrounded on all sides by a bike industry overly focused on outfitting people with survival gear styled bike bags.

Come check out our selection first hand to see what I’m talking about.

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