Around the Shop – January 18, 2011

An assist with helmet fitting from a friend.

The days sometimes all blur together when you work in a small shop like this. I decided to put my new phone to work capturing some of the things I see on a daily basis, and here are the results.

The young woman trying on the helmet arrived with some friends from the Midwest. She is trying on one of our Yakkay helmets (the Tokyo New Jazz). Sadly, we don’t have a mirror on the floor of the shop yet. This young man offered to hold up an old decorative Raleigh mirror we hang in the bathroom so his friend could to check the fit of the helmets.

Carlos Morales of the Eastside Bike Club on a Nihola at Flying Pigeon LAEastside Bike Club security detail at Flying Pigeon LA

Earlier in the day, Carlos Morales of the The Voice and the Eastside Bike Club showed up to buy a basket for the young girl pictured above. The perfect opportunity to test drive a Nihola!

A Public J7 in coffee by a Karmann Ghia in front of Flying Pigeon LA

That same morning, we ended up hauling out a bunch of bikes for some customers to test ride. This little Public J7 in coffee just seemed to perfectly match the paint on this old VW Karmann Ghia – I had to take a quick picture.

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