Ultimate Tune-up for Ultimate Destiny


We rent and sell a few bikes each month to commercial production and still photography companies. It is one of those small side businesses that keep our shop going – not enough to be a business unto itself, but a revenue stream nonetheless.

Occasionally, we get a request to do something really fun – like build up a deluxe Flying Pigeon, and then destroy it completely.

You can see Steve Campos (of Steel Fabricated Arts) and Jon Raspa (our shop manager) getting into the spirit in the image above.

This was done for a student film about a bicycle that gets ridden, enjoyed, then destroyed. They rented a, functioning, similar looking bike for their actor to ride. We sold them the destroyed bike above. I don’t know what they will do with it afterwards, but it was fun ruining a bike for once (we typically spend all day fixing the ruination meted out by our customers).

If you need a bicycle for use as prop or set decoration for a commercial production shoot, film, still photo shoot, or movie give us a call at 213-909-8986 or send us an email at info@flyingpigeonla.com

We’ve got lots of unique looking bicycles from Europe, England, and Asia and we work hard to make sure that your project gets the bike it needs, at a fair price, in a timely fashion.

For production rental questions email us at info@flyingpigeon-la.com or call 213-909-8986

Curious about the title of this post? Take a look at “Ultimate Showdown for Ultimate Destiny“.

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  1. Jon Raspa
    Posted February 3, 2011 at 11:44 pm | Permalink

    We should make a movie about this! PigeonFilmsLA.

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