Gazelle Chamonix Pure at Flying Pigeon LA

Gazelle Chamonix Pure 2011 at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop

This is what a modern city bike looks like – fully featured, totally protected, and projecting an image of a future built on composite materials and human-scale design.

The Gazelle Chamonix Pure, 49cm, step-through retails for $1,149. This is the basic level Chamonix from Gazelle. It features a 7-speed Shimano rear hub, dynamo powered head-lamp, an AXA defender rear wheel lock and all the space-age finishing touches the world has come to expect from Gazelle.

Details on a Gazelle Chamonix Pure 2011 at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop
The other bikes in the Chamonix range feature lighter components to balance out their 8-speed hubs, front forks and seat posts with shocks, and a couple of other whizz bang features that are typical on high end Dutch stadfietsen (“city bikes”).

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    Okay, that’s going on the blog, when I get a chance. I’m glad this wasn’t in the shop when my wife was doing test-rides, or I would be $500 bucks poorer right now.

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