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Put your handlebars on lockdown at Flying Pigeon LA

We just bought a box of Shimano HP-NX10 Handlebar Stoppers to mount onto bicycles doing extra heavy duty as front-loaded cargo bikes. $20/ea. You can order a Shimano HP-NX10 from Flying Pigeon LA by clicking here: These come standard issue on Torker Cargo T and Batavus Personal Delivery bicycles. They require a bit of extra […]

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Graffiti and Grace

Here’s another couple of photos from the new bit of Los Angeles River bike path that passes closest to Flying Pigeon LA. People often rag on the LA River because of its concrete walls, and I can sympathize with them. Yet to me the river in its hard white walls takes on a grandly sculptural […]

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LA’s First Bike Parking Corral Ride on Friday, February 18, 2011

We are hosting a ride from our shop to the newly installed bike parking corral in front of Cafe de Leche in Highland Park. Meet at the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop (located at 3404 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065) at 8am on Friday, February 18, 2011. The ride leaves at 8:30am. Our […]

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Another Great Spoke(n) Art Ride

And a crap ton of people too! ^That sign is for new bicycle corral parking outside of Cafe de Leche. Josef will have to fill in some of the details on that later. And as always, click on the photos to see more, there are 32 in all.

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Yuba Mundo at Flying Pigeon LA

In between bike repairs we were able to get a Yuba Mundo cargo bike built this past Sunday, so I made this short video about it. These bikes are great for hauling things around, and excel at longer distance rides when compared with some of the other cargo bikes we carry. The bike above, with […]

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Torker Cargo-T at Flying Pigeon LA

The Torker Cargo-T pictured above is a rough, tough, get stuff done kind of bike. Unlike its larger cousins the bakfiets, Nihola, or Yuba Mundo, the Cargo-T can fit onto a bus or train while laden with 150lbs+ of cargo or kids – try that with a large cargo bike! Actually, we have tried it, […]


Gazelle Chamonix Pure at Flying Pigeon LA

This is what a modern city bike looks like – fully featured, totally protected, and projecting an image of a future built on composite materials and human-scale design. The Gazelle Chamonix Pure, 49cm, step-through retails for $1,149. This is the basic level Chamonix from Gazelle. It features a 7-speed Shimano rear hub, dynamo powered head-lamp, […]

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Lots of lights at Flying Pigeon LA

We just got a big batch of dynamo and battery powered lights at the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop. This includes some special dynamo-powered head and tail lights, as well as some battery powered lights. Our dynamo headlight selection (as of today is as follows): B&M Lumotec Retro Senso Plus headlight ($60); B&M Lumotec Retro […]

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It’s Not About the Beer….

Okay, you know that that’s as much a lie as “It’s not about the bike.” It was last Saturday’s Flying Pigeon LA Brewery Ride, and you’re damn right it was all about the beer–and all about the bike. Gina and I had taken Metro over to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year festivities, and as […]

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MyFigueroa designs great, but need polishing

Last night, I rode with my wife and daughter to the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing Merchandising (FIDM) to participate in the Community Redevelopment Agency Los Angeles’ (CRA/LA, or simply CRA) community meeting for their $20 million MyFigueroa project. The money for this project came from delayed state grant awarded to the CRA/LA by […]

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