Torker Cargo-T at Flying Pigeon LA

The Torker Cargo-T pictured above is a rough, tough, get stuff done kind of bike. Unlike its larger cousins the bakfiets, Nihola, or Yuba Mundo, the Cargo-T can fit onto a bus or train while laden with 150lbs+ of cargo or kids – try that with a large cargo bike!

Actually, we have tried it, and our larger cargo bikes can’t fit on the walkways to the trains.

It features a center kick stand, a locking headset, 3-speed Shimano Nexus hub with coaster brake, a roller brake up front, a chain case, fenders, and those awesome racks that can hold a ton of stuff.

Torker Cargo T Mod. at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop

The Torker Cargo-T retails for $600 (as of this writing). This particular bike has some extras added to it: we stuck on a battery powered headlamp and tail light. We also installed an Abus wheel lock on the rear wheel. These extras add about $50 to the price of the bike.

A fine bike for doing some serious work, and making serious work a pleasurable thing!

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  1. Posted February 14, 2011 at 7:04 pm | Permalink

    I managed to get a two-kid bike trailer onto and off of the Gold Line, when we came to try at bikes for my wife, at your shop. It was a tight fit, especially getting thru the train door and finding a place to stash the trailer (with baby inside).

    I’m glad you are carrying the Cargo-T. It has much of the functionality of much more expensive bikes like the Batavus Personal Cargo, or a Workcycles bike.

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