GalTime features Christiania bikes and Flying Pigeon LA

A piece published on March 6, 2011 on the site GalTime by Shira Scott entitled “Pedal-Power in L.A.” features Christiania bikes from boxcycles and a mention of the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop.

Christiania bikes are large, three-wheeled, bikes designed for carrying all sorts of heavy loads with ease. They round out our family bike selection (made up of cargo bikes from Gazelle, Yuba Mundo and Nihola), and offer some big advantages over bike trailers that are so common in the U.S. They also come with a big sticker price (for a bike) – $2,500 and up.

Why would someone drop $2,500 (or more) on a cargo bicycle? Let’s see what Will Kearins from boxcycles has to say:

“Most families don’t really need two cars, especially when both parents are living and working in the city. So, by getting rid of the extra car and the payments, parking, insurance, maintenance, and especially the gas, you can start saving money within the first six months. Factor in the health, sustainability, and family-fun factors and the choice gets easier,” says Kearins.

That is pretty much what sold me on the bakfiets I ride, and it’s what all the parents I’ve sold cargo bikes to have told me.

The Flying Pigeon LA bike shop will receive a new shipment of Christiania bikes in the middle of March 2011. If you’d like to take one for a test ride – please do stop by! If you’ve got any questions, contact us at or call 213-909-8986.

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