Sierra Club Magazine covers LA Bike Plan


Sierra Magazine’s Rosie Spinks wrote up a short piece on the LA Bike Plan today, “Good News for Bicyclists in Los Angeles” , quoting yours truly:

Josef Bray-Ali, a bike activist and co-owner of the Flying Pigeon bike shop in L.A.’s Highland Park neighborhood, thinks that the increasingly diverse biking community that has emerged in his city in recent years will be instrumental in making sure the plan gets implemented: “The people that are into cycling are more in tune with their communities and what’s going on in their neighborhoods,” Bray-Ali said. “We’re going to harness that more. We’ve got that engagement of local communities.”

Which is true! Bike advocates have been very effective at communicating and building local coalitions around safer streets, improved property values, improved retail foot traffic, and a higher local quality of life.

We hope to do our part here in North East Los Angeles this year by pushing forward with our neighbors to have traffic calmed on North Figueroa Street and to have bike lanes of some sort installed from York Blvd to the LA River.

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  1. The dude abides
    Posted March 3, 2011 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

    I was looking forward to riding my brand new cross check in debs park, but I guess I should be thankful the community at least fought for my rights to the streets.

  2. Posted March 3, 2011 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    I saw a mention of the LaBonge’s motion to satisfy the equestrian and environmentalist crowd on the CORBA web-site:

    “Continue the existing off-road bicycle trail and analyze and explore opportunities for additional off-road bicycle facilities and continue to abide by LAMC section 63.44 B16. Any proposal to consider the use of mountain bikes on City park trails must first be thoroughly reviewed and analyzed by the Board of Recreation & Parks and its staff.”

    Now I don’t feel so bad, unless you keep on mentioning this. Revenge of the Foldie is a mutha.

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