USC starts bicycle education early

Bike Day at USC preschool - parking issues!

My daughter attends USC’s Health Sciences Center preschool, which held a very cool “Bike Day” event recently to let the kids learn a little bit about how to ride in groups.

Kelly Thompson's "Share the Road" shirts for USC preschool

Local artist Kelly Thompson created a “Share the Road” stencil for a screen printing show being hosted at the Outpost for Contemporary Art – and my wife thought it would be cool to have a bunch of baby-sized shirts printed up for the kids in our daughter’s class.

Arriving at school for Bike Day

The kids got to ride around a fake traffic circle and practice controlling the lane. My daughter knows all about this kind of thing, since she typically gets dropped off and picked up in my bakfiets or on my wife’s Batavus Lento with an old Bobike Maxi+.

Thanks USC HSC preschool, Kelly Thompson, and my wife! Bike Day should be everyday, no?

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