28 inch 36-hole Rims at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop

28" (635mm) 36-hole Steel Box Rims at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop

This is the stuff our Deluxe Flying Pigeon bicycles are made of: steel box rims we had made and imported. 36-holes – so they can fit all the great modern front and rear hubs now available on the market. Steel – so they are strong (and shiny).

We sell these 28 inch rims (just the rim, not built into a wheel) for $20/ea.

After searching for years for a domestic source of 28″ (635mm) 36-hole bike rims, we decided to import our own. These box profile rims allow you to convert a rod-brake bike into all sorts of different things using any of the billion or so 36-hole front or rear bicycle hubs on the market. Our favorite conversions to date involve Sturmey-Archer hubs.

These rims will, unfortunately, not work with rod brakes (you need a Westwood profile rim for that) – but they will work with coaster brakes and drum brakes built into them.

We also build all sorts of custom wheels for our Flying Pigeons and old roadsters. Contact us via email at info@flyingpigeon-la.com or by calling 213-909-8986 to get a quote.

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