Flying Pigeon LA inventory on May 12, 2011

To get an early start on May 12, 2011, I stayed up until 1am and hung around the shop answering emails and working on stuff. Awesome! I’m here, so I might as well walk around and show off our mighty mighty inventory. Luckily the camera is trained on the bikes and not me.

In this exciting episode, I walk through the shop and point out our new massive pile of Schwalbe Delta Cruiser, Marathon, and Marathon Plus tires. I also linger on Public Bikes and Linus Gaston 5 bikes. The shop is a little messy and I ramble on a bit about some bike expo at CalTrans’ District 7 headquarters I’ve been working hard to set up for Bike to Work Day which opens on May 16 (though everyday is bike to work day for the staff and customers at Flying Pigeon LA!).

Anyway, it is late and you should all be in bed. It’s a school night y’all.

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