LACBC River Ride tune-up special May 28 to June 3 – SAVE $30!


Have you signed up for the LACBC’s 11th Annual LA River Ride? No?! Whatsamatta you!

They have rides for hardened roadies, sandbox playing kids, and everyone inbetween – all going down on Sunday, June 5, 2011.

The River Ride is a great way to rediscover the joys of cycling in Los Angeles, the awesome weather in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles River, and a bunch of bike lovers and riders on a beautiful June morning.

At the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop we love the LA River, LA weather, and the LACBC, we’re offering a special 50% discount on our Quick Tune-Up (normally $20) and our Complete Tune-Up (normally $60) services. The cost of any parts (i.e. tires, tubes, wheels, etc.) are not included in this awesome deal – but it is still an awesome deal.

This offer is good only to those who have registered for the LACBC’s ride or are current members of the LACBC. Bring proof of either to the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop (as well as your bike!) and we’ll get right to work preparing your bike for the LACBC’s 11th Annual River Ride.

Offer good from May 28 to June 3, 2011 only. Proof of registration in the River Ride or active membership in the LACBC required.

Yay bikes!

The Flying Pigeon LA bike shop is located at 3404 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065. Call us at 213-909-8986 or email us at

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  1. ahleck
    Posted May 31, 2011 at 9:30 am | Permalink

    Hi, what if we are volunteering with the LACBC River Ride this weekend. I am going to be there at 430am, YES, 430am!!!!…. Would I be able to get this incredible deal? I think my issue is how to prove I am volunteering since they do not give me any proof? However, I attended their volunteer orientation this past Saturday, May 28th, and have a contact person and number of the LACBC worker that I will be reporting to that I suppose can confirm I am signed up and helping. Not sure if that would work….

  2. Posted June 2, 2011 at 10:05 am | Permalink

    Bring your bike in and we’ll honor your volunteer labor with a discounted tune-up.

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