Update on my New Bike

A while back my road bike got stolen so I’ve been trying to piece together a new bike. I had a KHS Flite 100 track frame and fork lying around. I had originally bought the frame from a fellow Michiganderleno after another bike of mine got stolen (throw me a pity party). I built it up and road it a lot. I eventually traded the frame and fork for a bmx frame. I eventually sold that bmx frame to fund a different bmx complete I bought off the Internet. Anyway, the friend I traded my old KHS frame to got me a job at a coffee shop. While I was working their a different bike of mine got stolen (another pity party?). He wasn’t doing anything with the old KHS (the girl he was building it up for was no longer part of his life, throw him a pity party) so he just gave it back to me for free (wicked sweet). I never ended up doing anything with it (oops) so it really came in handy when my last bike got stolen (once again, pity party, I didn’t realize this was going to be an entire post about bikes getting stolen). Here’s a photo of the bike (before we did anything to it) with John and Josef working on a Flying Pigeon in the background:

Working on a Pigeon at FPLA Bike Shop

We took the bottom bracket and headset out and sent the frame and fork to be sandblasted and powder coated. It came back a beautiful forest green:

Empty Head Tube

I still needed tons of parts so I asked my friends for help. Kieron from Ride the Black Line sold me his old Hatta bottom bracket and Sugino 75 crank arms/44 tooth chainring for a deal. And I found a guy from Astoria, NY on EBay who gave me a great deal on his old Miche to Mavic CXP 33 track wheelset. I brought the bike back again and John installed the cranks.

Installing Hatta Bottom Bracket
Adjusting the Bottom Bracket
Installed Sugino 75

I’ve got one last box of stuff coming in to Flying Pigeon. When it’s all said and done I’m going to ride for three days straight, take tons of photos, and then get sick of riding fixed again and wish I had my road bike back. And then I will realize what a beautiful bike I have right in front of me. Thanks to everyone that has made it possible. I can’t wait to finally ride it!

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    Look forward to see how it all comes out.

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