My Flying Pigeon LA Built KHS Flite 100

It sucks that I missed the Spoke(n) Art Ride this month. It was my birthday the 9th and I had to DJ (for the first time ever) at Ag Lago house in Sunset Junction. It went well.

During birthday’s it is common to receive gifts. One of the greatest gifts I’ve received in 2011 was all the support to build up my old KHS Flite 100 after my roadie got stolen. I owe thanks to Kieron of Ride The Black Line for hooking me up with a Sugino 75 chain-ring and crank arms and a Hatta bottom bracket (which reminds me, I still owe him $20). But I owe the most thanks to Flying Pigeon LA Bike Shop.

Without their help I might not be bikeless, but it sure wouldn’t look this fly or ride as well as it does.

My KHS Flite 100
I got the wheels (Mavic CXP 33 laced to Miche Primato Pista) off ebay from a kind fellow in Astoria, NY.
My KHS Flite 100
The handlebars and stem came from my spare parts pile (I know, I need to put some grip tape on the bars.  No grip tape is slippery and dangerous, especially in the summer). The Tange headset came from Flying Pigeon LA Bike Shop.
My KHS Flite 100
Thanks to Dan for the original KHS Flite 100 seat post collar. The seat post was also in my spare parts pile. I went with the Soma Tabo saddle because I wanted a Turbo, but didn’t want to spend the money.
My KHS Flite 100
Yeah, I’ve got two different toe clips, what’s it to you?! Thanks Bike Oven!
My KHS Flite 100
Thanks again FP! I literally could not do it without your support.  There has been some talk going around about starting a bike club for people with KHS Flite 100s, Merciers, Fuji Tracks, etc.  Who is down?!  Budget steal frames for life!

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  1. don nisley
    Posted July 11, 2011 at 12:46 pm | Permalink

    Schweet (that’s schwing and sweet ) I want one.LOL

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