Flying Pigeon LA inventory on August 14, 2011

I trimmed my walkthrough of the shop down to 3:30 this week. While wandering around the shop I point out: massive quantities of new Public Bikes; Pashley Britannia and Princess Sovereign bicycles with a large mens bike order on the way from Pashley. I also show off our tiny Brompton nook and our beach cruiser horde ($150 tax included! Ah cha cha chaaaa!!!).

Oh yeah – our one and only Velorbis Victoria Classic has found a happy home. Sorry to all those that called an inquired. We’re going to bring another one or two to LA in a few months, if we can swing it.

Any questions?

You could call, but our voicemail queue is 65 deep and I haven’t had five minutes to check it since Thursday, August 11. Sorry about that.

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