Beautiful bike-love-music bomb – For My City video by Garfield Adams

For My City featuring Josh Koslow from Garfield Adams on Vimeo.

My friend Jamie, a big time SS/fixed rider from Pasadena and the smile in everyone’s day when you hang out with him, sent a link to this video. You have to check it out!

Jamie is the big man in the blue shirt at the center of the video. From the Vimeo page:

“For My City” is the lead single from my debut album release titled “1st Things First” which drops 11.11.11! Visit‚Äč to download the song for free and for other Garfield Adams releases.

This video is dedicated to all cyclists, musicians and lovers of good music who take pride in their respective cities. When the song was conceptualized, my intention was to capture that feeling that you get when you’re riding through the city with nothing but your tunes, your bike and open road. The end result is something I believe is so much more universal than just our Los Angeles bike scene and all the amazing people in it and I hope this includes YOU…ENJOY!

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