Goofing around with push bikes and a Worksman trike

It has been hot in the 90065 lately. Very hot and very slow. Our foot traffic has dropped as the mercury has risen, and so we’ve been able to do all those wheel builds, micro-cleaning, organizing projects that have waited all summer long to get done.

But once you’ve built all your project wheels, and every drawer in the place is cleaned and organized – what do you do?

Grab a push bike ($60 in red with rockets or pink with kittens) and do some laps around the shop. The girl doing the riding in this video learned how to ride a bike on one of these $60 specials, and she has graduated to pedal bike riding at age 3.5.

Or, you can test ride a customer’s tricycle that you just finished building.

I hope that you all stay hydrated, and ride your push bike or Worksman trike to either the Bike Film Fest, our Figueroa For All meeting, the Spoke(n) Art Ride, the Push/Pull art and bikes show, or go out on a nice date this weekend!

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