Oh Interbike.

When Captain Jean Luc Piccard knew things weren’t going well, he’d take his hand and cover his face with it. The internet calls this gesture “facepalm” and of all the things that happened at 2011 Interbike, for me, the facepalm moments are what stand out the most.

Of course, the showroom floor was filled with some amazing bikes and gear. My jaw is a bit sore from hitting the ground so much looking at all the fine hand-made bikes, carbon fiber creations, and beautiful city bikes from Pilen, Linus, Bobbin, Pashley, Gazelle, and a few other bike makers.

After all the eye candy, though, what else is going on at Interbike? Business plans confront the reality of the bike market, competitors eye each warily, knock-off bikes see the light of day – an orgy of gawking and small talk swirling around for days.

Tired of the exotic and the beautiful, I decided to snap a few photos of stuff that … was of questionable taste.

Fortunately, I didn’t find much but the skate-cycle, the B.C. bike (eUnicycle), the knock-off Biomega, and the pretend Pedersen.



I didn’t ask, they didn’t tell. Ladies and gentleman … ?

Pedersen Large internal 8-speed at Flying Pigeon LA

A Pedersen made with thin steel tubes in an innovative ca. 1896 design.


A 2011 Pedersen knock-off with standard issue bike tubing and joints. Lord knows how this frame will react when ridden, but it has the same vague shape as a real Pedersen. One thing about this that I love? Those handlebars! Awesome.


Oh, how interesting. A stool with a wheel. How does it ride, bro?

Anyone that is a Dwell Magazine fan will instantly recognize the iconic looks and design of Biomega’s line of bicycles. They have been fawned over for years by designers, and they are very unique.


The bike above is a Biomega Copenhagen – a slick shaft drive and that totally pared down Biomega look make this ride a stunning example of Danish design.


This is the A.N. Design Works “Milay CNS-F” which I am sure is an acronym for “we rented the same bike molds from the Biomega factory”. These booths were about 100 meters apart. It was too awesome.

Oh Interbike.

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