Flying Pigeon LA is proud to carry Pashley

Rugby Ralph Lauren and Pashley Limited Edition Bike from RugbyRalphLauren on Vimeo.

Our shop started off, way back in 2008, selling a bike that has literally moved millions since 1951: the Flying Pigeon roadster. The “roadster” is an English bicycle design, meant for unpaved roads and a life of hard use.

What of English bicycles? Many of us are familiar with Raleigh, a behemoth in it’s time, which produced rugged, handsome, hand-made bicycles for several generations of cyclists both at home in England and abroad.

Sadly, Raleigh went the way of most developed world manufacturing in the U.S. and England – disappearing into bankruptcy, off-shoring, and “branding”.

Does anything remain of the proud reputation of tough and beautiful English bicycles? Yes, and the answer is simply this: Pashley.

We have carried Pashley bikes in our shop for several years now. Having been fans of the company prior to owning our own shop, it was exciting to receive our first shipment. What has been surprising is the steady uptick in interest and sales of these bicycles. The average Pashley in our shop sells for one thousand dollars – and you would think that would keep people away. Yet, season after season folks have made the trek to our shop from all over the Southern California region to test ride, service (we are specialists in internal hubs from Sturmey-Archer), or purchase a Pashley at the Flying Pigeon LA bike shop.

Our shop is dedicated to keeping the roadster alive as we hurtle into the 21st century- and Pashley bikes are a big part of that. Stop by some time to see these wonderful machines up close and personal, perhaps take one for a test ride, and see for yourself what “Made in England” means when it comes to bicycles.

Flying Pigeon LA bike shop is located at 3404 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065. Our phone number is 213-909-8986. Our email address is

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