I rode CicLAvia and all I got were these happy memories

City Hall photo op during CicLAvia on October 9, 2011

A larger-than expected group of riders showed up at Flying Pigeon LA for our CicLAvia feeder ride on October 9, 2011. We departed en masse and took a leisurely ride down North Figueroa Street, Avenue 20, Pasadena Avenue, and Broadway into Chinatown before going our own ways.

Bobby Gadda track standing an XtraCycle during the CicLAvia on October 9, 2011

After a mole tasting at Placita Olvera, we ran into Babby Gadda on his Xtracycle. His was one of several cargo bikes I spotted that day. One of our customers rode his son on a Gazelle Bloom they bought for last year’s CicLAvia.

Al. and Brantlea looking hawt during CicLAvia on October 9, 2011

Our friends Al. and Brantlea looked very chic (as always). This stylish duo helped design the layout of our shop back in 2009 when we moved into our current space.

BikeSideLA talk cycling rights in front of LAPD HQ during CicLAvia

BikeSideLA was holding a political rally of sorts in front of Buck Rogers Gulag of the 21st Century (I think that is the official name for the new LAPD Headquarters).

Capoeira on Spring Street during CicLAvia on October 9, 2011

Later in the day, we ran across a hoda of capoeiristas (a group of people doing a traditional Brazilian dance/martial art). My friend Jimmy Lizama invited me to join in – and I got to move my fat butt for a few minutes. My wife says she got video of it but … my finger must have slipped when I was watching it on the camera and hit the delete button on accident.

WeeGo Baby Carriers at CicLAvia's South LA hub

At the South LA hub, we ran into tons of parents with kids. Kids were riding bikes, riding tag-alongs, riding in trailers, riding in bakfiets (our was asleep inside mine), riding on WeeGo’s, and generally enjoying themselves free of the hazards presented by all the “I gotta go fast!” bike riders I encountered at the last CicLAvia.

By the way, way to go on that front CicLAvia organizers! Compared to the last two CicLAvias, this one was much, much, better for people walking and people with little kids. Breaking up the action with performances, a traffic circle, random places to play chess, bang instruments, and hang out worked well. I hope more things like that can happen at the next CicLAvia!

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