Another North East LA Holiday Parade in the bag

Aktive and Chicken Leather in the 67th NELA Holiday Parade

A pedicab, bakfiets, Yuba Mundo, an Elmo bike, and a man named Chicken Leather rode down the middle of North Figueroa Street in Highland Park this past Sunday, December 4, 2011. These bike riders were participants in the 67th NELA Holiday Parade on behalf of the Bike Oven, a local bike repair collective.

I was on the bakfiets, and took a couple of photos.

Oh, the humanity!

Oh, the humanity! Horse pucky in the streets as Chicken Leather asks, “Why?!”

Miss Taiwan World dot Org in 67th NELA Holiday Parade was riding in an old Pontiac? Your island is home to most of the world’s high end bike manufacturers! Ladies, next year, get on some Taiwanese bikes and ride with us.

Bike Oven parade army at 67th NELA Holiday Parade

Right before the parade the cops asked us to pose for a photo.

A ya en el rancho grande

She was looking for her rancho.

Noise makers in Doo Dah gear in 67th NELA Holiday Parade

People kept asking each other, “Es el Doo Dah parade?” This group of noise makers with a name two paragraphs long played crazy hacked together kiddie toy instruments.

USPS mail carrier wrapped in Christmas-y gauze

People are trying to shut his company down so we can pay $8 to mail an envelope through UPS or Fedex. He still manages a smile and wave.

Number 47 celebrates en route to 67th NELA Holiday Parade

Our pedicab operator rocks on.

Bakfiets with a cheap plastic thing that counts as decoration

The ride home was downhill and we still had a six pack of “egg nog” to finish off! We salute you 67th NELA Holiday Parade.

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